2012. december 3., hétfő

A Füzéri vár rekonstrukciója / Reconstructed Castle of Füzér

The Castle of Füzer was been in the Árpád period yet. The building was built by Füzéry family’s ancestor Zaránd. In 1526 Péter Perényi crown guardian guarded the Hungarian Sacred Crown here 1year long. About 1670 the king's German guardians for want of tasks destroyed it. After this event the village took away the walls. In the end the Károlyi family made conservation 1934-36. The reparation of the castle was made by Péter Oltai. Our office after his work gives new functions and totally restoration for it. Our aim was to show the last glorious period of the castle and to make a useful building for present-day people. My task was the old fountain’s new wrought iron crab to design.

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